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Genau. Ich keinen guten englischen Arsch. Ich schrub aber trotzdem eine “kurze” Antwort an Frau Colleen Ho:


thank you for your reply and especially for investigating.

Regarding the background: One of my IT guys stumbled upon this site while checking our incoming spam for false positives. Just for the fun of it, he did some investigations of his own.

Currently there are two major fraud waves in germany (or the german speaking internet):
  • a company calling themselves “Trade VV” and claiming to be based in USA. It has nothing to do with the Chinese company of the same name.
  • a company calling themselves “Prime Technologies Inc.”. You already know about that.
I have emails from some people who accepted one of these foul job offers. They report that money has been transferred to their bank account and posted back after only some hours. This leads to one of two possible conclusions:
  1. the money has been transferred illegally using stolen account information but the transfer has been detected and undone by the owner.
  2. the money has been transferred legally from the company’s account,then posted back to check if the “employee” would notice.
Conclusion 1 is far more likely – especially as the principle is long known.

One more evidence pointing into the direction of fraud is, that the site “” (IP: is hosted by a provider named “FastHosting” in Latvia ( which has a vivid history of hosting Fraud/Scam/Malware sites (see

There is, however a major block of problems tracking these people down:
  • In germany, it is illegal to accept such job offers and persons doing so will be held liable for all sums transferred to tis person’s account. This person is also likely to face criminal prosecution.
  • The criminals behind the scenes can not be found tracking the money transfer backward (the transfers are arranged online and anonymously using stolen credentials). They could only be caught tracking the final destination of the money forward.
  • “FastHosting” seems to be what insiders call a “bullet proof provider” ignorant of abuse notifications and uncooperative regarding criminal prosecution.
Anyway, the best way to take down this illegal business would be to play the copyright card which, in case of Qisda Corp, is completely justified. Also, sadly but true, everyday experience shows that major companies claiming copyright issues are far more likely to succeed than ordinary people trying to stop ordinary fraudsters or thieves.

I hope, this provides you with some more clues.

Thanks again for your time, have a nice day!

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Zugegeben, die letzte Zeile war im Original nicht drin… Mal sehen, wie das jetzt weiter geht.

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