Viele viele smarte Bunties!

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Erlösung naht! Nach dem wortlastigen und völlig bildfreien Post über eine grauslige Strafandrohung mit Hoffnung folgt hier jetzt ein kleiner Update mit bunten Bildern. Also gleich – gleich nach dieser weiteren Textlitanei. Mark hat nämlich bereits wenige Stunden später Post von “Bryan Watts aus Großbritannien” bekommen (Hervorhebungen von mir). Um dem Schreiben mehr Credibility zu verleihen, hat Bryan seine ID-Karte gescannt und in grobpixeliger Handyporno-Bildqualität beigefügt.

[Ein ganz legaler Regierungsbeamter!]
[Man muss immerhin hinsehen um das lieblose Photoshopping zu erkennen]

Keine Sorge, auch hier folgt dem Zitat noch eine ExSum.

Von: Bryan Watts <>
An: Mark Sander <>

Commission Foreign Debt Payment Center,
8-10 Broadway, London SW1H 0BG,
London, United-Kingdom.
Our Ref: FDPC-CIA/IH08CMS/UK-08.

Attention: Mark Sander,


This is to officially acknowledge the receipt of your email dated today Monday, 20th of June 2011, which this Noble office believe was in reference to your communication with the United State Central Intelligence Investigation Agency Surveillance Division On Anti-Money Laundry, Internet Crime Cases & Fraudulent Activities, who must have directed you to contact this noble office for the immediate and legal procurement of the highly important exonerating documents which contains the full (History/Origination of this fund) in question.

After a deep thought to the email you sent to this commission, I decided personally to look into your issue as the Assistant Director of this commission for you not having the full details or the purpose of the arrest accusation notification passed on to you by the C.I.A authorities, which according to investigation, This commission discovered there was a willed sum of $17, 500,000.00 to your name, which prompted us to notify the C.I.A of this since you did not process the release of this fund genuinely through the right channel which it is the right also of the C.I.A to help protect your interest and further guide you on how to process the release of the fund WILLED to your name, in order for you not to fall into the wrong hand.

At this point, I will like to inform you I am personally willing to help you in my capacity as a friend since I hold a reputable position as one of the senior executive in-charge of handling the normalization of every foreign beneficiaries claim that have not received their payment within the period of 2003-2011.

Due to the long delay for you not to have process your fund through the appropriate offices, since the WILLED fund in question has been long overdue for Normalization/Collection which you have not done rightfully as the beneficiary to the fund and as a result of that the C.I.A had to summon you for violating the International Terrorism-Fund Trafficking Law of 2003, Section “35”, Paragraph “C” Sub-section 47-B, which goes against the Inheritance law, you are however to note that for you not to be charged going contrary to the law earlier, this was what brought about the C.I.A contacting and informing you on what you are to do to prevent you being charged of the offense that might warrant your arrest, which is the reason you were directed and further advised to procure the statutory Human Right Origin Of Funds Clean Bill Inheritance Ownership Clearance Certificate Of Legality, from this office, for the immediate issuance legitimately which contains the History and Origination of your fund, this will exonerate you from future embarrassment, of any terrorist activities or any suspected money laundry transaction that may involves any sum of amount that is above ($500,000.00) or more which is why the requested document is highly important that you have yours to enable you receive your payment without further delays.

Note that your presence will be highly required here at our office in the United Kingdom within the range of Ten (10) working days starting from the 21st Day Of June to the 4th Of July 2011, for the due processing and legal normalization of the aforementioned Required Documents and release of your fund, which you are to procure upon your successful arrival to our office yourself as this will further clarify the genuineness of this office in releasing your fund to you and clear all doubt.

The reason these honorable commission has put down the above stipulated directives is to further checkmate the fact that we are effecting payment to the right beneficiary as appeared on the Willed documentation to avert our office being held liable of making payment to a wrong hand, due to the numerous impersonations and diversion of beneficiary claims going on over the internet, as we believe you are aware of.

You are to note also that, the document in question upon due procurement, will further bestow the irrevocable right and true ownership of your discovered long abandoned inheritance contract part-payment claim which presently EXIST in your name as an unpaid inheritance funds deposited in your name by one of your deceased distance relative who executed a contract project for a very long period of time for supplies of IT equipment and a “3” years general maintenance contract before he passed away but was only discovered recently with our service assistance (British Economy And Financial Crimes Commission Foreign Debt Payment Center), that the fund had not yet been paid to you which happened as a result of your inability to present the statutory Human Right Origin Of Funds Clean Bill Inheritance Ownership Clearance Certificate Of Legality, which ought to have cleared you from all involvement of Fund Trafficking /Terrorist Activities and also present you as the authentic beneficiary hereby clearing you from the several complains and petitions.

Following the laid down procurement procedures of the requested highly important clearance named certificate which includes other relevant document that contains the true History/Origination of your fund, you are however advised by this honorable commission to immediately download the attached form, been the “APPLICATION PROCUREMENT FORM” , you are required as the applicant/beneficiary of the aforementioned inheritance claim to carefully fill-in the requested information’s therein correctly without omitting any demanded information, and ensure you return back the form to this noble office immediately it is filled to enable me have the power to assist you further in filing for the release of your fund to enable the management of this honorable commission grant you the right to commence the legal process concerning the issuance of the requested document to you been the statutory Human Right Origin Of Funds Clean Bill Inheritance Ownership Clearance Certificate Of Legality.

Upon receipt of the “APPLICATION PROCUREMENT FORM” this will further empower us to accept your preferred chosen date of arrival to our office to perform the honorary beneficiary right and also endorse the Human Right Origin Of Funds Clean Bill Inheritance Ownership Clearance Certificate Of Legality which has to be between 20th of June to 1st of July 2011, before the management of this commission can officially allow you to then pay the official stipulated charges required for the issuance of the above name documents, for you to be cleared legally by the C.I.A, I.R.S, F.B.I, Homeland Security and other security agencies/financial stake holders from all Fund Trafficking /Terrorist Activities and have your fund released to you hitch free without further delay or queries.

NOTE CAREFULLY: – Considering the time frame you have left to present the documents and all other paper work that ought to have been signed by you serving as the proof of your ownership to the fund before the aforementioned authorities, I will strongly advise you to call me immediately on my direct private line as follows: 001-44-7924524836, so we can discus better and positively on the successful completion to the issuance of the mandated documents you are to procure as a matter of urgency.

I hope you understand the importance of you calling me, which I believe will be of great advantage to you personally and also create an avenue between YOU and I knowing ourselves better which will further guarantee me in assisting you after filling the APPLICATION FORM which I am to use in fighting for the hitch free release of your payment as schedule, on this note, if your residence, office telephone or mobile phone does not have an International calling facilities on it, I will advise you to go right away to the nearest Mini Mart (or) Mall (or) Call Card Center and make sure you purchase an International Call Card of a minimum of $10 to call me immediately upon receipt of this email, as it will help you achieve your dream.

In the mean time, I wish to advice you start making immediate plans on coming over to the United Kingdom to perform the honorary beneficiary right and also endorse the Human Right Origin of Funds Clean Bill Inheritance Ownership Clearance Certificate of Legality, and also fulfill the statutory obligations as would be required of you.

Yours Truly In-Service,

Mr. Bryan A. Watts,
Legal Documentation Issuance &
Payment Coordinating Officer (L.D.I.P.C.O)
Direct Contact Telephone: (+44) 792-452-4836.
Contact E-mail:

Executive Summary:

“Blablabla, bestätigen den Eingang Ihres Mails, Ihnen wird vorgeworfen: Geldwäsche Drogenhandel, Mundgeruch und schlechter Musikgeschmack. Aaaber wir können da was drehen, weil ich (Bryan Watts) mich persönlich dafür einsetze, dass Sie ihr rechtmäßiges Erbe von 17.5 Millionen $ antreten können. Man muss natürlich gaaanz schrecklich vorsichtig sein – es tummeln sich so schrecklich viel Betrüger in diesem Internet!

Auch die Zeit drängt ganz furchtbar schrecklich, weil ja sonst doch noch der internationale ErschießungsHaftbefehl wirksam wird (7 Tage!). Am besten rufen Sie mich direkt auf meiner Privatnummer an, dann können wir auch das beigefügte Formular gemeinsam ausfüllen.”

Dass die Privatnummer (001-4479 24524836) dieses Briten in London eine US-Vorwahl hat, soll dabei nur am Rande stören.

[Der Schlüssel zu 17.5 Millionen Dollar! Und Absolution! Straffreiheit! Freibier!]

Tja, damit wäre eigentlich alles geklärt. Ich zitiere nochmals die entscheidende Stelle: “…pay the official stipulated charges required for the issuance of the above name documents…”

Es ist letztlich doch nur ein ganz dämlicher 419er Scam, der – immerhin mit einer neuen, kreativ erfundenen Story – bei gemeingefährlich naiven Menschen in übersichtlichen Portionen beachtliche Summen abzieht. Die Verquickung mit einer hanebüchenen aber im Unterton immer beunruhigenden Betrugsanklage, die in weiten Teilen recht glaubwürdige Behördensprache, die tickende Uhr, all das ist durchaus angetan, ein bissl mehr als nur die allerdümmsten der Dummen anspringen zu lassen. Und Mühe haben sie sich auch gegeben.

Ich glaube übrigens, dass dies die Reaktion auf Marks erfolglose Bewerbung als Kundenmanager ist. Damit hatte er den ersten Idiotentest nämlich schon bestanden.

Deshalb: 0 Punkte für Class, aber 4 Punkte für Style!

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Eigener Senf dazu?

  1. V0oD0o gab am 20. Juni 2011, 23:13 folgenden Senf dazu:

    “… folgt hier jetzt ein kleiner Update …”

    Hi! Ich muss jetzt mal dumm nachfragen, warum dein Update männlich ist. Die Mehrheit der Deutschen, die ich selbstredend samt und sonders befragt habe, legt das nämlich als Neutrum aus. – Wobei das ebenso seltsam ist, denn die erstbeste Übersetzung die mir einfällt ist ja DIE Aktualisierung, und damit läge auch DIE Update (grusel) am nächsten.
    Vermutlich ist das Gruseln der Grund für das DAS. ^^
    Oder ist DER Update ein Ausdruck von Individualität und Rebellion gegen das System, das ominöse?


    /cbx meint dazu:

    Lieber Grammar Nazi! ;-)
    wie ich nicht müde werde, gebetsmühlenartig zu wiederholen, bin ich ja kein Deutscher. Und in Österreich gehen die Uhren anders, dort sind viele wichtige Dinge des Lebens noch nicht entmännlicht, so beispielsweise der Butter, der Blog und eben der Update.

  2. DaGod gab am 22. Juni 2011, 07:58 folgenden Senf dazu:

    Hmm, aber da wahrscheinlich auch nur auf den Bergen :)

    Die Butter, der Blog, das Update – damit die Familie komplett ist.

    btw: Wird Mark das Formular ausfüllen?

    /cbx meint dazu:

    Seit dieses Scheiß Privatfernsehen für die breite Masse verfügbar ist, durchdringt das Teutonenteutsch mein ganzes Vaterland. Eine Schande!

    Davon abgesehen wird Mark das Formular wahrscheinlich nicht ausfüllen, weil ich keinen Bock habe - ähm, ich meine - weil er keinen Bock hat, mit diesem Typen auch noch zu telefonieren. Ich hatte sowas einmal exemplarisch durchgezogen, das wird einfach nicht mehr spannend...

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